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VILLAGE HALL DUMPSTER HAS BEEN REMOVED - Due to continued abuse in the use of the dumpster located on Village Hall premises, the dumpster has been permanently removed.  Please make other arrangements for disposal of your trash.

Board of Zoning Appeals Meeting 5/26/16.   Click on calendar to the left.


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2016 ARBOR DAY CELEBRATION A HUGE SUCCESS. More than 100 residents, both adults and children, gathered at the house of Mayor Mary Jo Guinchard and her husband Claude on April 30 to celebrate Arbor Day. TPTAB members shared information about the importance of planting trees and shrubs to replenish our aging forest and to keep our drinking water from the Tuxedo Lake (our reservoir) clean. The 2016 Arbor Day Award recognizing exemplary environmental stewardship was presented to Dena M. Steele and the Honorable Houston A. Stebbins. An American Beech tree was planted on May 2 in their honor in front of the Village Building to the left of the Keep. The Deviners were specially thanked for their hard labor removing invasive vines that have been strangling trees and plants on Village land. Students from the George Grant Mason Elementary and Middle School sang “Trees”, the poem by Joyce Kilmer beautifully set to music. Garden Club members demonstrated tree planting and composting. Assemblyman Karl Brabenec judged the children’s tree drawings competition and presented the awards to the winners. Their drawings are now being exhibited at the Village Hall and on www.tptreeboard.org.

The TPTAB thanks the many volunteers and donors for their generous support of Tuxedo Park’s first Arbor Day Celebration. For more details and photos of this day of fun, education and camaraderie, please visit www.tptreeboard.org.
The Tuxedo Park Tree Advisory Board (TPTAB) website, www.tptreeboard.org  is dedicated to providing you with essential information about caring for our trees.
*how the TPTAB is advancing our mission of advocating responsible policies and implementing tree conservation, education and planting programs
*how volunteers are cutting back killer vines on Village-owned land!
*how trees and plants affect the water quality of our reservoir, the Tuxedo Lake
*how to plant, prune and maintain trees, and to remove invasive species and replant native varieties
*how trees, not only historic houses, are the underpinnings of the Village’s listing on the National Register of Historic Places
*and much more!



Two architects have provided renderings of various options with respect to the Main Gate and they are available to residents for viewing. The times and days are as follows for the month of February: The drawings are on display at the Village Hall from 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Below are the drawings for you to view.  The drawings are just conceptual and no costing has been done as of yet.  The criteria for determining which course to follow will be:  Police and traffic guard safety, Village security, aesthetics, and financial viability.  To better frame this issue, the Village has spent in excess of $300k remediating The Keep – among other things, this involved mold remediation, a new cedar shingle roof, replacement windows, and enhancements to guard safety.  Residents are encouraged to visit The Keep to see the progress of the renovations to date.  Feel free to drop off any suggestions in writing at the Village Office, or send your suggestions to suggestions@tuxedopark-ny.gov, attention Architectural Renderings. We will also be discussing the Architectural Renderings at the February 23rd Board of Trustee meeting, and we look forward to your suggestions during the public comments period. Click to view: Architect No. 1 – Gatehouse Presentation Reduced Architect No. 2 – Tuxedo Park Text Architect No. 2 – Photo 1 Architect No. 2 – Photo 2 Architect No. 2 – Photo 3


BE RESPECTFUL OF YOUR NEIGHBOR Please be respectful of your neighbor and pick up after your dog.


EMERGENCY INFORMATION DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PETS OUTSIDE IN THE COLD! Click to view:  VOTP Emergency Letter 10-1-15 Click to view:  Emergency Preparedness Checklist Have Orange & Rockland (O & R) contact information handy in the event of a power outage.  It is important to report the location of outages.  The O&R website is www.oru.com, and the phone number is 877-434-4100. Sign up for CodeRed if you have not.  Click on the CodeRed icon on the home page; the directions are self-explanatory.  Sign up for emails by sending your name(s) and e-mail addresses to suggestions@tuxedopark-ny.gov and requesting to be put on the email distribution list.

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TUXEDO LAKE Reminder:  All swimming by people or pets is prohibited in Tuxedo Lake at all times.

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