Booth Construction Progress

Design Drawings – Posted November 2018

2D Drawings

3D Tour






Above: The  foundation of the demolished booth as it stands now

Steel Safty Cage – Posted 11/11/2020

Steel Safety Cage Drawings – click here














Above: Balsawood model of steel safety cage design. Left to right: Front – Rt 17 side view, Bottom view, Northern view, Exit view – Tuxedo Road Exit, Roof view
According to FEMA guidelines, a direct crash into the steel cage by a vehicle (that bypasses the bollards) will sustain stops a 2,430-pound vehicle moving at 40 miles per hour. That is comparable to a C40 barrier rating. The booth is also protected by five bollards. The bollards have a K4 / ASTM M30 rating considered Medium Security. K4 rated bollards stop a 15,000-pound vehicle moving 30 miles per hour.

Construction Begins – 11/03/2020






Above: “First Cut” – Steel ceiling fabrication piece



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