Police Booth Old & New 

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Above: Tuxedo Park’s first “manned” booth, and in the company of an observant youngster.

Above: Tuxedo Park’s new “manned” booth Posted November 2018

Design Drawings 

2D Drawings

3D Tour


Steel Safety Cage Drawings – click here

Village Booth Construction Progress Photos


Posted 3/31/2021 – Phase 2 is estimated to be completed by the first week in May. The booth has been transported from welder Jody Zero’s shop to S&B Home Remodeling also located on Contractors Road in the Town of Tuxedo. When you are near the traffic light at the fire station you can catch a glimpse of it looking slightly ahead, left. Phase 2 construction includes all final construction (interior and exterior) except for the following items to be completed at the final booth location at the front gate. For example, delivery and setting the booth on the new foundation, connection to all utilities, miscellaneous, and stonework.

My best guestimate for turn-key completion and occupancy is June 15, 2021.
5/14/2021 – Note; we are experiencing the same delays and increases in the cost of construction materials as the rest of the country.

Posted on 5/14/2021 PM

Posted on 5/14/2021 AM – Cedar shakes making their way up the walls using the same pattern as on the “Lodge”.

Posted on 5/7/2021 – Engineering Report on the Foundation Pour

Click to access Foundation-Site-Visit-And-Report-05-03-21_msq_DFR.pdf

Below: Posted 5/5/2021

Above: As we discussed at the quarry on Monday, the stone must be consistent with the two original buildings at the entrance to the VTP (naturally weathered and warn).

Below: Posted 4/30/2021

Below: Posted 4/29/2021


Below: Posted 4/28/2021

Below: Posted 4/22/2021

Above: Posted 4/22/2021

Posted 4/15/2021 

Above: The roof is ready for the cedar shakes and wood framing for the windows and walls has begun. Posted – 4/7/2021

Above: The carpenters of S&B are hard at work adding the wood framing to the steel undergirding. Posted 4/3/2021

Posted February 10, 2021

Above: Front view

Above: Sterling Electric discussing his requirements with Jody and John Ledwith

Above: View through the rear toward the front of the booth.

January 28 & 29, 2021

Above: Front View

Above: View from northwest

Above: Artisan Welder Jody Zero is working on framing out the walls. He will be ready to move the project along the assembly line to the next fabricator for fitting out the steel cage interior and exterior walls.

Above: Jody pauses a moment for the camera

January 22, 2021

Above: The roof plate and framing – side view.

Above: The roof plate and framing – front view.

Posted November 3, 2020

Construction Begins 

Above: “First Cut” – Steel ceiling/roof plate fabrication piece.

Project Meeting & Construction – 12/2/2020

Today the major players met in the Village Hall to coordinate the new footing slab and the steel frame. Left to right: Jeff Voss DPW Superintendent, Michal Quinn Schnabel Engineering, Mayor Mac, Jeff Gunderman, Carpenter for S&B Total Home Care, Daniel Haglund DPW Working Leader, Jody Zero JZ Welding.  Present but not in photo: John Ledwith Village Capital Projects, Bill Fairclough S&B Total Homecare



Above: Post-meeting we gathered at the existing slab to double-check vehicle clearance, water runoff, and drainage coming down Tuxedo Road toward Rt. 17.

Above: Finally, we met at Jody’s warehouse & shop to review the steel cage configuration. This picture of the base of the bullet-proof steel cage gives you a good idea of the size of the interior of the booth. The booth can accommodate two officers comfortably.

Above: Here we are confirming the dimensions and the framing for the handicap door.

Above: Jody shows us the steel plates and tubing that will make up the exterior framing.

Posted – Posted November 2018

Below: Balsawood model of steel safety cage design.

According to FEMA guidelines, a direct crash into the steel cage by a vehicle (that bypasses the bollards) will sustain stops a 2,430-pound vehicle moving at 40 miles per hour. That is comparable to a C40 barrier rating. The booth is also protected by five bollards. The bollards have a K4 / ASTM M30 rating considered Medium Security. K4 rated bollards stop a 15,000-pound vehicle moving 30 miles per hour.

Design Drawings 

2D Drawings

3D Tour


Steel Safety Cage Drawings – click here

Above: Front elevation – Entering from Rt. 17.

Above: Front – Bottom view.

Above: Rear view – Leaving the Park from Tuxedo Road.

Above: Roof

Above: Existing Conditions – This is where the last booth was located. As you know, it was demolished. The size of the new booth almost doubles the square footage and is larger than the area currently used by our officers working in the Keep.


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