Annexation hearing

Kiryas Joel and Monroe officials will hold a hearing on Wednesday to take public comments on a consultant’s analysis of the possible effects of shifting 507 acres into Kiryas Joel from the Town of Monroe. The hearing is also meant to address a separate petition to annex 164 of the 507 acres.

The public hearing will take place at Bais Rachel Paradise Hall at 5 Israel Zupnick Dr. in Kiryas Joel.

As a point of information, Tim Miller Associates of Cold Spring prepared the draft generic environmental impact statement on behalf of Kiryas Joel, which is acting as lead agency for the environmental review that is being done before the Kiryas Joel and Monroe boards must vote on the annexation petitions.

In Addition

To further educate the community on the Kiryas Joel annexation issue, listen to the talk given by Dr. Richard Hull, NYU Professor of History that provides background information regarding the Satmar sect and their history in Monroe. Check out this link:


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